Americans Have Had Enough

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         The conservative movement the last 40 years in the  United States and world is called  Austerity or what Americans call trickle-down economics, Mainstreamed in the United States by Ronald Reagan. this is the ultimate dream of the capitalistic system were deregulating, price controling, and manipulation on the market, privatizing every aspect of the market from government needs to even simple dignity, human needs such as healthcare, food, education and even housing. Capitalism is a economic system that has nothing to do with free markets or democracy, and particularly democracy in the work place. It is a economic system that virtually lies and manipulates to make sure that their control is absolute. The merger of corporate power and State power is simply put fascism…


Privatization of government and privatizing everything from basic needs to military and prison systems is Fascism…              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marc Hanning

Simple dignity for every person in the world

All people rich and poor are entitled to FOOD, HOUSING, MEDICAL, AND EDUCATION. This is a right not a privilege, Marc Hanning

The day must come to share the wealth- The welfare of all.  And the affluent will loose their  grotesque privileges  in their words, what they have worked so hard for. But the truth is most wealth has come from the expense and hard labor of the underprivileged. The propaganda that capitalism is a free market and democratic, is simple that, PROPAGANDA. Capitalism has never been a free market and has never been a democracy. When the people realize that capitalism and corporations are created only for a few who control these corporations and board of directors and most of the wealth goes directly to them, the wealthy will be forced to share, and spread the wealth evenly. Social democracy and social justice are a necessary TRUTH. And the sooner “we the people” stand up and demand democracy in the markets and workplaces, the sooner we will achieve democracy and social justice for all…20379cgt08qlwg0-1 marc-2pics


I  have always had a passion for making sure all people world wide have dignity and equal rights… Don’t you think its time to Legalize Drugs, so we can begin to help people, and decriminalize drug addicts and liquidate the black market, and try to reduce crime, gangs and all types of criminal behavior.  Help the needy and sick, and try to reduce evil. Its time we help our people and stop the ignorant and so called (by far right propaganda perpetrated by liars claiming to be christian and using the word of Jesus) christian view that it will work itself out. JUST BELIEVE IN GOD. I say the time has come to end the ignorance and HELP ALL PEOPLE. ” Its time to make democracy for every person.

We must realize most people just want  understanding. And its time we stop making people feel bad and ashamed. Its time we become Christian or LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and get away from the Ignorance of Christian so called values (far right Ideology), that has been taught to a majority of American citizens, and has developed an uneducated Ignorant selfish society. A society lacking understanding and a will to improve lives. But we are in a time were this conservative view, and ignorant view, is affecting to many people, and taking away their human dignity and rights.  And in this Ideology that is Christian oriented, by men, not GOD. And this far right leadership has and will continue to find ways, which are not of GOD and are evil in human nature. This is a way to control and keep power so the rich (small minority) get richer, and the poor get poorer, and develop lower esteem and spiral into self incrimination and criminal behavior. This Christian teachings  are not of Jesus Christ but of men. And this Ignorance has been passed down through time, by Ignorance and prejudice, and racism. Remember not long ago Woman could not vote. Woman in the United States were second rate citizens. And the same ideology is in existence to this day. But now they pray on the poor, the gay person, animals, and try to push the limits on all of our civil liberties, and by trying to impose their views on all of us. When will we tell these liars of GOD, proclaiming God, to take their prejudice and beliefs  to their own home, and publicly, be polite and tolerant, with love to all. To me these people are  more involved in criminal behavior than most people they point there finger at and persecute.l_17ff979925b2453fbb2542ecd5ce98aa

When will we learn to be tolerant to all


iIgnorance is not an excuse. We have to become tolerant to all differences, as long as your legal, and not hurting anyone. Then everyone has the right to be and  believe in their views. But when rights and equal rights are questioned or

103802259_5caf6a0a35denied because of ideology  that is based on ignorant and unjustifiable differences, cannot be tolerated  publicly. In your pivate home or place of worship, have at it. But in the public domain human rights are for all, and tolerance and expectance has got to be an accepted way of social pragmatic       understanding.copy-Marc-Hanning-Stop-and-Go-.jpg